Gentleman Jack Ep2

I am releasing this early because I want to publish the Episodes as I watch them to see if my predictions are correct and I’m a few episodes behind.

The 5 Commandments of Gentleman Jack: Episode 2

These are the 5 Commandments of Storytelling as outlined by Shawn Coyne in his book The Story Grid: What good Editors Know.  These commandments can be found in all stories that really work.

Inciting Incident:

Anne Lister’s visits Ann Walker to strengthen their bond.

Progressive Complications:

Lister is invited to the wedding of her ex-lover


Does Lister go to Lake with Ann or ex-lover’s wedding


Lister chooses to go to wedding


She comes to terms with her ex, and then goes to the Lake to see Ann

A note on Value shifts.  Scenes need to turn in order for a story to work, if it doesn’t turn in value then nothing is really happening.  See the following two articles on value shift in scenes and stories at

Love Story Value Shift:

+/++ potential love interest to attraction
Lister has demonstrated her interest and Walker has returned that interest.

Society Value Shift:

+/++ small success to more successful
Lister shows up the Rawson brothers in their dealings with coal

Obligatory scenes and Conventions are expectations the reader or watcher have when they watch specific genres.

Obligatory Scenes and Conventions for a Love Story

  • First Intimate Connection – almost kiss and sensually hold hands; Lister says that she thinks walker is a little in love with her, small confession so of love between the two women
  • Harmer – Ann’s cousin, Catherine, passes info on rumors that Lister likes women
  • Proof of Love – a small proof of love is given from Lister to Walker, a pin

Obligatory Scenes and Conventions for a Status Story

  • As the coal situation develops, Lister learns the Antagonists’ Object of Desire – the Rawson brothers want to steal her coal interests; this would mean that Lister goal is to stop them, and she makes numerous moves in this episode to do just that
  • Lister is Walker’s mentor to make her a stronger woman, I am still looking for a strong mentor for Lister though
  • Herald – a fellow striver that sells out, this describes Lister’s former lover when she marries a man (former lesbian that marries a man)

Spoiler Alert – Some Predictions to keep looking for:

Given the Current Status Story, I assume we’ll see some of the following things in the upcoming episodes:

  • Still looking for a Shapeshifter – someone who supports her but betrays her
  • I’m looking for a strong mentor figure, and maybe this will develop, I’m looking toward her aunt right now

The Story Grid

For more information about the Story Grid, go to the Story Grid Webpage to find free videos and articles on how to implement the methodology.

Read these articles for more information about the 5 Commandments of Storytelling and the Editor’s 6 Core Questions from the book The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne.

For an example of how these techniques are used, read Jane Austin’s The Pride and the Prejudice with annotations by Shawn Coyne.

Story Grid Editing

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