Showrunners 00: Introduction to the Podcast

Our podcast has begun!!!!

Does the Story Work?

That’s the question isn’t it?

Welcome to the Story Grid Showrunners Podcast, dedicated to answering this question by using the story grid method developed by Shawn Coyne.

Every season – Melanie, Parul and I will analyze a hit TV series to figure out what works or doesn’t work, and why.

So if you’re a writer or an editor, and you can carve 10-15 minutes out of your busy schedule, push your computer back, pop on the kettle on, as Parul would say, and join us as we learn how to make a better story.

Analyzing television series using the Story Grid Methodology developed by Shawn Coyne.

Join us to help you write a better story.

Complete Show Notes are available at – also, vote for the next TV series we analyze!!

More Story Analysis

If you want to see more applications of the Story Grid methodology, below are links to my analysis of various novels and television shows in blog posts and podcasts:

Story Grid Showrunners Podcast – Parul, Melanie, and I analyze hit TV series using the Story Grid methodology.

My blog posts analyzing other Television series – my person take using the Story grid 5 Commandments to look at my favorite TV series – Jack Ryan, Batgirl, For All Mankind, Hanna, and more.

Novel analysis – I analyze some of my favorite books using the Story Grid 5 Commandments and 6 core questions – First Blood, Old Man’s War, Waylander, and more to come!

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