For All Mankind 7

This post will analyze the the Episode 7, titled “Home Again”, of the For All Mankind television series using the 5 Commandments of Storytelling and the Editor’s 6 Core Questions from the book The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne.


Obviously, I will be discussing plot points from the television series For All Mankind. So, check it out before reading further.

Recap of Episode 6 “Home Again”:

  • Apollo 23 explodes, supplies to the lunar base “Jamestown” are delayed, an investigation to the cause of the explosion leads reveals new secrets
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Review of Episode 7 “Hi Bob”:

  • The astronauts on the lunar base have been there for 3 months and it is taking a toll physically and mentally
  • Gordo suffers from PTSD, Ed must decide whether to send him back
  • FBI agents try to flush out Larry as a homosexual, but Ellen defends him
  • Ellen and Larry get married
  • Danielle drops the ants and some escape into the base
  • Danielle breaks her arm and Ed sends Gordo and Danielle home
  • Ed’s son is grounded, but he leaves anyway and the episode ends with police telling Kelly that there has been an accident

Inciting Incident: 

Astronauts have been trapped on Jamestown for almost 3 months and are going stir crazy

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Turning Point:

Only video that the astronauts have for entertainment is broken, Gordo exhibits signs of PTSD and almost dies

Crisis Question:

Does Ed send Gordo home?

If he does, it will be the end of Gordo’s career.

If he doesn’t, then he risk the mission or Gordo could die.


Ed doesn’t send Gordo home.


Danielle breaks her arm forcing Ed to send both Gordo and Danielle back to Earth.


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One episode left (I think) and there are a lot of loose ends. I’m very interested to see if the Russians will intervene or if they will start a partnership. I’m also interested in seeing the Mexican girl’s plot line expanding.

So far, for me the story is very interesting and has me hooked. The screenwriters are doing an excellent job creating narrative drive and tension, there is usually a cliffhanger at the end of each episode that leaves the viewer wanting more and doesn’t actually interfere with the 5 commandments. It’s all very well structured and written.

The Story Grid

For more information about the Story Grid, go to the Story Grid Webpage to find free videos and articles on how to implement the methodology.

Read these articles for more information about the 5 Commandments of Storytelling and the Editor’s 6 Core Questions from the book The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne.

For an example of how these techniques are used, read Jane Austin’s The Pride and the Prejudice with annotations by Shawn Coyne.

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