E09: Selling Girls in America – Community

Here’s the ninth episode of the Podcast: Selling Girls in America, which I host with Guardian Group. to learn more about this horrible crime and how to protect yourself and your loved ones, visit their website at www.guardiangroup.org.

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Training someone to recognize the indicators of trafficking is vital to stopping the crime. Think of it this way if someone robs your house, you recognize that the crime happened, you report it, action is taken. However, if you don’t recognize that the crime was committed you never know to report and and therefore action isn’t taken. By training the community we are providing opportunity for reports to be made and action to be taken.

Training Offered by Guardian Group

Hotel Training – Through our Guardian Seal® Recognition and Response Training we equip hotel staff with the indicators specific to their industry. This training is offered in-person, through an e-learning tool as well as a train-the-trainer model that is designed to equip upper management to provide the training to employees. Learn more about this training here.

Healthcare Training – 88% of victims report utilizing healthcare while 6% of healthcare providers report treating a victim of trafficking, meaning they are there we just are not identifying them as such. Currently our healthcare training is provided in-person, please email us if you are interested.

Law Enforcement – Our Pursuit Team offers specialized training for Law Enforcement communities across the nation. You can learn more about what customizable options we provide here.

We provide training in a variety of other sectors, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like training for your community or your business.

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