What’s the Big Idea?

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Title: What’s the Big Idea
Author: Leslie Watts and Shelley Sperry
Published: 2020
Genre: Non-Fiction; How to
POV: 1st person Omniscient (We), 2nd person, 3rd person Omniscient
Theme: The parts that make up a Big Idea Book
Object of Desire: Define and give readers the tools to create a compelling Big Idea Book

Image: http://www.storygrid.com

Publisher’s Summary

A Crash Course in World-Changing Nonfiction Writing

Do you have a book idea that you know the world needs? Whether it’s self-help, business, money, health, or some other topic, how do you put it together into a book that people will read and tell their friends about?

What I liked

  • Used many different examples from popular Big Idea Books
  • Broke down the elements of the Big Idea book into smaller pieces with great examples and definitions
  • Defined the different types of non-fiction books and let the reader decide what kind of book they were writing
  • Short and Concise (about 80 pages long)

What I Didn’t Like

I know that they have an example of a Big Idea Book in another Story Grid Masterwork Analysis Guide book called The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, however, I would have liked to see a couple foolscap summaries of 4-5 non-fiction Big Idea books (like Saved the Cat Writes a Novel has) at the end of the book in the appendices for example, for comparison sake.

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