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David Morrell’s First Blood (Rambo Book 1) – Analysis and Editor’s 6 Core Questions

How do you know if your story works? Take a look at David Morrell’s iconic novel First Blood, used as the base for the first Rambo movie. Does the story work? The Story Grid knows!

Story Analysis – Jack Ryan Episode 4

Jack Ryan Episode 4, Does the Story Work? The Story Grid Knows! Let me show you how!

Story Analysis – Jack Ryan Episode 3

Jack Ryan Episode 3, does the story work? The Story Grid knows! Let’s break down the elements that make it work.

S+SG: the Story Grid Spreadsheet – Mac

Using Scrivener software and the Story Grid methodology to make a Story Grid Excel Spreadsheet.

Writing Soldiers – Coming in July

Every Friday I post information that I hope will help my fellow writers. On the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month I post articles about how to write about the military, Writing Soldiers. These posts include information on rank, uniforms, tactics, relationships, and…

Story Analysis – Jack Ryan Season 1 Episode 1

Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime’s Action Series, broken down by story elements to show why it’s a story well told.

S+SG: The 5 Commandments – Mac

Tracking your Story Grid 5 Commandments for each scene, developing your story by tracking your progressive complications in each scene and ensuring that you are raising the stakes.

Analysis of Story Elements for HBO’s ‘Gentleman Jack’: Episode 8

Analyzing the final episode (Episode 8) of Season 1 of Gentleman Jack for Story Grid elements.

Analysis of Story Elements of HBO’s ‘Gentleman Jack’: Episode 7

As we approach the end of the first season of this series, we can see that the conventions and obligatory scenes are playing out and that many of my predictions from the first episode have happened. Let’s continue with an evaluation of the 5…

Analysis of Story Elements for HBO’s ‘Gentleman Jack’: Episode 6

We’re going to sum up the story so far here. We should be approaching the end of the Middle Build, so let’s see how well the story follows the story grid and if it’s working. The Love Story So Far As I mentioned in…