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Writing Soldiers – Everything You Wanted to Know about Writing about a Soldier In Uniform

Everything you wanted to know about writing about a soldier’s uniform

For All Mankind E6

Explosion on the launchpad, 3 astronauts stranded on the moon. Is it Russian sabotage or equipment failure?
And more importantly, does the story work? Find Out! The Story Grid Knows!!

Showrunners 005: Killing Eve S1 E3

Episode 3 of Killing Eve, the beginning of the Middle Build, Does the Story work? Let’s find out! the Story Grid Knows!!

Fiction Writing about Soldiers and the Military

Need help writing accurate military scenes or soldier characters? You’ve come to the right place.

For All Mankind E5

Does the story work in For All Mankind Episode 5? Find out! The Story Grid knows!!

For All Mankind E4

Does For All Mankind Episode 4 work? Find out! The Story Grid Knows!!

For All Mankind E3

For All Mankind Episode 3, does the story work? The Story Grid knows!!!

For All Mankind E2

For All Mankind episode 2 – The Race for the Base, Van Braun on trail for his Nazi past, and the Russians beat the US again!! Does the story work? Find out! The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners 004: Killing Eve S1 E2

3 editors discussing the beginning hook of killing eve. Does the Story Work? The Story Grid knows!!

Jack Ryan S2 E2

Episode 2 of Jack Ryan Season 2 – Does the Story Work. Find out! The Story Grid knows!!