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How I can help you improve your Story

See a recorded live session of me helping an author determine the 15 core scenes, the spine of her novel, using the Story Grid method.

What is an Anti-Hero?

What are the different kinds of anti-heroes? What is an anti-hero/ anti-heroine? 10 examples of an anti-hero/ anti-heroine. Watch the webinar.

Scrivener + Story Grid Part 3: Collections and KeyWords

Learn how to use collections and keywords in scrivener to track your subplots, characters, and unique themes.

Showrunners 26: KE S3E7 Beautiful Monster

Does the story work for Killing Eve Season 3 Ep7 – Beautiful Monster? The Episode has more action than the rest of the season, but is it too little too late? Find out, the Sotry Grid Knows.

Selling Girls in America Podcast – Bonus Edition: COVID-19 Effects

How is COVID-19 affecting human trafficking in the United States? Tune in to the Selling Girls in America Podcast to find out!

Showrunners 025: Killing Eve S3 E6

Episode 6 of Killing Eve Season 3, closing in on the last episode. Does the Story Work? Find out as 3 Certified Story Grid Editors break down what works, what doesn’t work, and how it could have been better. The Story Grid Knows!

E10: Selling Girls in America – Conclusion Season 1

The conclusion of season 1 of the Selling Girls in America podcast that I host with Guardian Group. Listen, Learn, and Donate!

Showrunners 020: Killing Eve S 3 E 1

Villanelle and Eve are back Season 3 of Killing Eve. Does the Story Work? Is this season comparable to the last 2? Find out! The Story Grid knows!

Scrivener + Story Grid – Part 1: The Set Up

Want to learn how to merge the fantastic writer’s tool Scrivener with the awesome Editing Methodology The Story Grid? This is the post for you!