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What is an Anti-Hero?

What are the different kinds of anti-heroes? What is an anti-hero/ anti-heroine? 10 examples of an anti-hero/ anti-heroine. Watch the webinar.

Showrunners 26: KE S3E7 Beautiful Monster

Does the story work for Killing Eve Season 3 Ep7 – Beautiful Monster? The Episode has more action than the rest of the season, but is it too little too late? Find out, the Sotry Grid Knows.

Showrunners 024: Killing Eve S3 E5

Villanelle’s back story, mommy issues anyone? Does the story work and what are the best ways to tell a villain’s backstory? Find out, the Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 023: Killing Eve S3 E4

Killing Eve Season 3 Ep4, does the story work? Join us, three Certified Story Grid Editors, as we break down this episode to determine how we might have made it a better story. The Story Grid Knows!

Showrunners 022: Killing Eve S3 E3

Episode 3 of Killing Eve Season 3 – Does the Story/ series work? Join 3 Certified Story Grid Editors and Find out. The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 021: Management Sucks! Killing Eve S3E2

Management Sucks! But does the episode work? Join three Story Grid Editors and see. The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 020: Killing Eve S 3 E 1

Villanelle and Eve are back Season 3 of Killing Eve. Does the Story Work? Is this season comparable to the last 2? Find out! The Story Grid knows!

Scrivener + Story Grid – Part 1: The Set Up

Want to learn how to merge the fantastic writer’s tool Scrivener with the awesome Editing Methodology The Story Grid? This is the post for you!

Showrunners 019: Analysis of You – a perfect story grid thriller

The Netflix hit “You” was a great example of a Thriller. The three Story Grid Editors tell you why. The Story Grid Knows!

Showrunners 018: Intro to Netflix’s You

Editors analyze the Netflix Series You using the Story Grid Methodology designed by Shawn Coyne. Does the Story Work? The Story Grid Knows!