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Scrivener meets Story Grid – the Editor’s 6 Core Questions and the Hero’s Journey

Scrivener meets Story Grid: tracking the Editor’s 6 Core Questions in the Binder as well as Campbell and Vogler’s Hero’s Journey.

Scrivener Meets Story Grid – Creating the Story Grid Spreadsheet

Using Scrivener software and the Story Grid methodology to make a Story Grid Excel Spreadsheet.

Scrivener Meets Story Grid – The 5 Commandments for Scenes and Tracking Progressive Complications – Mac Version

Tracking your Story Grid 5 Commandments for each scene, developing your story by tracking your progressive complications in each scene and ensuring that you are raising the stakes.

The 5 Commandments of a Story Grid Scene integrated into Scrivener – Windows version of Scrivener

Let’s start with the 5 commandments, the core of every Story Grid scene. On the windows version of Scrivener, you could put them in a couple places.

Scrivener meets Story Grid: Importing Working Files into Scrivener

If you have some manuscripts that are still in Word or a TXT file then there is a very easy way to transfer them into Scrivener and organize them into individual chapters. If you have them in another format that you can copy, the…