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Showrunners E09: Killing Eve Ep7

Red herrings, ordered disobeyed, plots uncovered, prison murders, dynamic escapes – does the story work for Killing Eve episode 7? Find out! The story Grid knows!!

Showrunners E08: Killing Eve E6

Shapeshifters, intrigue, betrayals, love triangles – Episode 6 of Killing eve – Does the Story Work? Find out! The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners Ep7: Killing Eve Ep5

Episode 5 of Killing Eve; Meatloaf; Threats; a not-so-safe Safehouse; a lost knob; Does the story work? Let’s see! The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners E6: Killing Eve Ep4

Episode 4 of Killing Eve – assassins turning on each other, last minute escapes, moles found, and a funeral. Does the story work? Find out – The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners 005: Killing Eve S1 E3

Episode 3 of Killing Eve, the beginning of the Middle Build, Does the Story work? Let’s find out! the Story Grid Knows!!

Showrunners 004: Killing Eve S1 E2

3 editors discussing the beginning hook of killing eve. Does the Story Work? The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners Ep3

Episode 2 of Killing eve – Will the story work? The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners 02: Killing Eve S1 Ep1 Nice Face

Episode 1 of Killing Eve. Does the story Work? The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners 01: Intro toe the Killing Eve TV Series

The Showrunners examine Killing Eve Episode 1 to determine if the story works.

Showrunners 00: Introduction to the Podcast

Our podcast has begun!!!! Does the Story Work? That’s the question isn’t it? Welcome to the Story Grid Showrunners Podcast, dedicated to answering this question by using the story grid method developed by Shawn Coyne. Every season – Melanie, Parul and I will analyze… Continue Reading “Showrunners 00: Introduction to the Podcast”