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Showrunners 023: Killing Eve S3 E4

Killing Eve Season 3 Ep4, does the story work? Join us, three Certified Story Grid Editors, as we break down this episode to determine how we might have made it a better story. The Story Grid Knows!

Showrunners 022: Killing Eve S3 E3

Episode 3 of Killing Eve Season 3 – Does the Story/ series work? Join 3 Certified Story Grid Editors and Find out. The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 021: Management Sucks! Killing Eve S3E2

Management Sucks! But does the episode work? Join three Story Grid Editors and see. The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 020: Killing Eve S 3 E 1

Villanelle and Eve are back Season 3 of Killing Eve. Does the Story Work? Is this season comparable to the last 2? Find out! The Story Grid knows!

Scrivener + Story Grid – Part 1: The Set Up

Want to learn how to merge the fantastic writer’s tool Scrivener with the awesome Editing Methodology The Story Grid? This is the post for you!

Showrunners 019: Analysis of You – a perfect story grid thriller

The Netflix hit “You” was a great example of a Thriller. The three Story Grid Editors tell you why. The Story Grid Knows!

showrunners 017: Analyzing the Witcher

The three Story Grid Editors analyze the greatly anticipated Netflix series – The Witcher. Does the Story Work? The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 015: The Umbrella Academy Analysis

Does the The Umbrella Academy TV series work? The Story Grid Knows! Tune in as 3 Certified Story Grid editors break it down!

Showrunners 014: Intro – The Umbrella Academy Season 1

What is the Umbrella Academy? One of the hottest new series on netflix. Let’s figure out if the story works. In this episode, learn about the Umbrella Academy and in two weeks learn if the story does work? The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners E13: Killing Eve Season 2 Foolscap

Does Killing Eve Season 2 work as a story? Find out as the SG Showrunners analyze the entire series and answer the Editor 6 Core Questions.