Career Skills Program Internships

The Career Skills Program (CSP) is for transitioning servicemembers. See my article about the CSP and Skillbridge programs.

Do you want to work as a Freelance Developmental Editor?

Or do you want to write books for a living?

I am offering Internship Programs through the Army Career Skills Program to Transitioning Service Members.

Internship Description: Upon completion of this training, the Servicemember will be familiar with the software for running their own freelance editing/writing business. Additionally, they will become familiar with manuscript editing methodologies such as the Story Grid and Save the Cat in order to self-edit their own writing or developmentally edit client manuscripts. Lastly, they will receive training on the use of Scrivener, software for manuscript writing.

At the end of this program, you will know:

  • How to use the Story Grid methodology to self-edit your book or assess a manuscript
  • How to write more compelling stories and scenes
  • How to invoice and accept payments from clients
  • How to using Scrivener to write and edit manuscripts
  • How to use other administration platforms to manage your business (calendly, google documents, wordpress, descript, buzzspout, YouTube)
  • How to make money as a freelancer with multiple streams of income (YouTube, Medium, affiliates, tips)
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