Editing Services

I offer two types of Editing Services to my clients.

Manuscript Diagnostic

Do you have a drafted novel that needs some work, but you’re not sure how to move forward with your manuscript?  A manuscript diagnostic might be just what you need.

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Developmental Editing

Do you have a story idea and need help fleshing out the concept?  Or you lost in a rewrite and need an editorial eye on a few key scenes?

Developmental Editing might be able to help you get on track.

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The Story Grid

I am a Certified Story Grid Editor and was trained by Shawn Coyne who wrote the book The Story Grid.  I use this methodology to help authors write better stories.

What is The Story Grid?

Shawn Coyne, the author of The Story Grid book, describes it like this:

“The Story Grid is a tool to resuscitate a pile of prose stuck in an attic drawer.”

“The Story Grid is a tool that can inspire an original creation.”

Learn more about The Story Grid through podcasts, video classes, blogs, and more.

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