Developmental Editing (or Book Mentoring)

So, you have an idea for an awesome story, you’ve toyed with writing, but you’re just not sure how to fit all the pieces together.

This is a ‘from the ground up’ editing guidance.  It will include week by week consultations with the author from first idea to final draft.

Additionally, if you have a manuscript you just can’t finish this might be right for you after a receiving a diagnostic.

What Can You Expect from a Diagnostic?

First, weekly calls.

The first call will be a discussion of the story you want to tell.  Then, we’ll progress as I help you write better scenes, nail your story’s structure, and tell the global story you want to tell.

I will analyze up to 7,500 words a week for a total of 30,000 words for the whole month. This is roughly about 5 scenes or chapters a week (1500 words per scene/ chapter).

How Much Does It Cost?

For our initial phone call/ email, there is no charge.  At this point we are checking to see if I’m the right editor to help you write better.

The monthly charge for this editing is $600/month.  This includes the weekly 1 hour phone calls meant to move your story forward and help you write  better. This will also include analysis of up to 20,000 words for the month.

What’s Next?

If you are interested in a Developmental Editing, fill out this submission form.

After I receive your submission, we’ll arrange a time within a week to phone/email.

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