About My Blog

I’ve thought for a long time on what would be useful to blog about, something that was unique and helpful to authors. So, I’ve decided to stick to what I know and do best: Story Grid and Scrivener.

My weekly blog will focus on three posts:


The Monday Merge.  This post will merge the Story Grid Process merged with the Scrivener software. I use Scrivener for all my manuscripts. Over the years, I’ve managed to merge the two together to help my writing get even better. On Monday Merge posts, I will share any scrivener tricks of the trade to use Story Grid and Scrivener together. Note: I am currently using a windows version of Scrivener, but I will buy a Mac Pro next month and will be using that from then on. If you have questions about windows and I’ve posted only the MAC version of how to do something, contact me and let me know so I can send you a windows solution.


Writing Wednesday. Every Wednesday will involve a review of the Five Commandments of writing a scene as described in the Story Grid by Shawn Coyne. I will analyze an episode of a television series each week using the five commandments: Inciting Incident, Progressive Complication, Crisis, Climax, Resolution.

The first series I will cover is the 8 episode HBO series called Gentleman Jack. I”ll start with episode 1 this week. They are currently on Episode 5, so I will be about a month behind. I’ll write the 5 commandments for episode 6 next week, and I’ll catch up on the series over the month and add the other 4 Episodes in when I get a free moment. Once the series is finished, I will choose another series to write about so send me a note if you have any suggestions.


Friday Final Out. Every Friday I will include a list of Podcasts I am listening to, books and articles I am reading, what I’m writing about, and what I’m working on. This post will be brief and have the links to all the items that that my week involved concerning writing and editing.


Monthly Mad Edit. Additionally, on the last Sunday of every month, I will review a novel reviewing the Editor’s 6 Core Questions as described in the Story Grid by Shawn Coyne, and include an excel spreadsheet breaking down the first 5 chapters. These products will mirror two of the five deliverables that clients will receive if they sign up for my Manuscript Diagnostic Editing.

The first book I will review is called Old Man’s War by John Scalzi.