Non-Fiction Services

With 25+ years of military experience, let me help you make non-fiction idea resonate with your readers. Contact me and tell me about your writing project.

I offer two types of Non-Fiction Editing Services to my clients.


Book Mentoring is perfect for authors who have an idea for a non-fiction book or memoir but would like to work one-on-one with an editor throughout the process. Whether you are at the idea stage or have a completed manuscript, with Book Mentoring, we will be there to guide you through every step of your writing and editing process.


Also known as content editing, this service involves evaluating your completed manuscript for content, coherence, organization, flow, voice, and more. With developmental editing, we will read your manuscript and provide you with a written report and followup meeting where we break down what worked well and what changes we recommend.

Scott Mann, Author – Author of Game Changers

Thinking about hiring me to edit your manuscript?

I offer a sample scene analysis (up to 3000 words for a novel-length manuscript) to include a 30 minutes video call in order to discuss my analysis, talk about your manuscript, and review editing options.

Randy exceeded my expectations. The level of detail and analysis he provided me was tremendously helpful. He digested my manuscript so thoroughly that he was able to give me unique observations and suggestions that will enable me to greatly improve the story. In addition, he provided me a host of references and resources to better understand the writing process and my genre. I can’t recommend him enough.

Lance B., Author

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