Story Grid Showrunners Podcast

Does the Story work?

That’s the question isn’t it?

Welcome to the Story Grid Showrunner Podcast, dedicated to answering this question by using the story grid method developed by shawn coyne.

Every season – Melanie, Parul and I will analyze a hit TV series to figure out what works or doesn’t work, and why.

So if you’re a writer or an editor, and you can carve 10-15 minutes out of your busy schedule, push your computer back, pop on the kettle on, as Parul would say, and join us as we learn how to make a better story.

Two warnings – this is an adult conversation, so we may use adult words  Also, we will be talking about plot points of The Killing Eve television series, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to watch it before listening further.


The Story Grid

For more information about the Story Grid, go to the Story Grid Webpage to find free videos and articles on how to implement the methodology.

Read these articles for more information about the 5 Commandments of Storytelling and the Editor’s 6 Core Questions from the book The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne.

For an example of how these techniques are used, read Jane Austin’s The Pride and the Prejudice with annotations by Shawn Coyne.

Story Grid Editing

If you are interested in having your manuscript reviewed by me, see my Editing Services.

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