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Showrunners 030: Ozark S1 Foolscap and Analysis

Netflix TV series Ozark Season 1, Does the story work? Why or Why not? The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 029: Ozark S1 Intro

The netflix TV series Ozark Season 1. Does the story work or not? Why or why not? The Story Grid knows!

showrunners 017: Analyzing the Witcher

The three Story Grid Editors analyze the greatly anticipated Netflix series – The Witcher. Does the Story Work? The Story Grid knows!

Showrunners 015: The Umbrella Academy Analysis

Does the The Umbrella Academy TV series work? The Story Grid Knows! Tune in as 3 Certified Story Grid editors break it down!

Showrunners 014: Intro – The Umbrella Academy Season 1

What is the Umbrella Academy? One of the hottest new series on netflix. Let’s figure out if the story works. In this episode, learn about the Umbrella Academy and in two weeks learn if the story does work? The Story Grid knows!