Tag: Progressive Complication

Waylander – Fantasy Thriller

Waylander, an iconic fantasy thriller by David Gemmell. Does the story work?

Showrunners E09: Killing Eve Ep7

Red herrings, ordered disobeyed, plots uncovered, prison murders, dynamic escapes – does the story work for Killing Eve episode 7? Find out! The story Grid knows!!

Showrunners Ep7: Killing Eve Ep5

Episode 5 of Killing Eve; Meatloaf; Threats; a not-so-safe Safehouse; a lost knob; Does the story work? Let’s see! The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners E6: Killing Eve Ep4

Episode 4 of Killing Eve – assassins turning on each other, last minute escapes, moles found, and a funeral. Does the story work? Find out – The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners Ep3

Episode 2 of Killing eve – Will the story work? The Story Grid knows!!

Showrunners 01: Intro toe the Killing Eve TV Series

The Showrunners examine Killing Eve Episode 1 to determine if the story works.

Hanna – Episode 2

Does Episode 1 from Hanna work? the Story Grid Knows!!!!

Hanna – Episode 1

Does Episode 1 of Hanna work? The Story Grid Knows!!

Jack Ryan S1Ep8

Does the Jack Ryan series satisfy the viewer? Does it work as a story? The Story Grid knows!

Jack Ryan S1Ep7

Does Episode 7 of Jack Ryan work? The Story Gird knows!