Scott Mann, Author of New York Bestseller Operation Pineapple Express and Game Changers

To Retired SGM Randy Surles, whose work on this project cannot be overstated. You were at my shoulder every step of the way: writing, editing, troubleshooting. The Story Grid ought to be damn proud of what you brought to the party. Any warrior contemplating writing a book should make their first call to Randy Surles.

From the acknowledgements in Operation Pineapple Express by New York Bestselling Author Scott Mann

“I had an idea for an inspiring story — basically a parable — that could really make a difference in people’s lives.  A good friend told me about Randy Surles because he had worked with him as a certified StoryGrid editor.  I didn’t want to write a good story.  I wanted to write a great story.  I’m happy to say that working with Randy has been a Godsend.  He is highly skilled in story structure and knows how to build characters and a create a story flow that is inspiring and educational all wrapped up into a captivating story that you don’t want to end.  But when it does end you walk away with greater insights and inspiration to bring into your own life. I’m happy to recommend Randy for anyone looking to tell a powerful story that is both fun to read and makes a difference with how you think.”

From the inside cover of my signed copy of The Wise Investor: Randy, Thank you for all your help in creating a beautiful and compelling story. Rich.

From the Acknowledgement Page of The Wise Investor: Massive thanks to you, Randy Surles, for helping me create a captivating, inspiring, and powerful story. And thank you for brining the talented Laura Graves into the process. The two of you were a joy to work with.

“Randy Surles was fast, efficient, and gave me useful feedback.  He was friendly, easy to work with, and when he showed me what didn’t work in the story, I didn’t feel like I was being berated for being a bad writer, nor did I feel like he was trying to show off that he knew more than I did about story writing – a problem I’ve consistently found with unprofessional’s giving me feedback on my writing.  I left our last session excited to work on my story, not burdened with having so much to fix.  The clear goal I have for my story is thanks to Randy’s help and I don’t know if I would have found it without his help.  I’m seriously thinking of using his developmental editing services to develop my writing even more.”

‘…the greatest crossover readership for you though, is the fact that amidst all the dazzling technologies and the meticulously crafted time-travel plotting is that there’s a compelling central character who’s grappling with deeply emotional conflicts…

‘You’ve got imaginative concepts and arcing conflicts and characters here that will carry you through book after book. Your action is top-notch…

‘This well-plotted, structured, and peopled book was an enormous treat to read and will thrill science fiction fans and time travel aficionados.’

‘Time travel is a perennial favorite and this fresh, exciting, and original example of the genre does not disappoint.

“This is a sampling of the praise my book garnered from my publisher’s editor. None of this would have been possible without the help of Randy Surles. My book probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day without his help, guidance, and formidable background in developmental editing. Randy helped me learn to write the right way, and turn what was a mess of a story into something to be proud of. I would gladly put my faith in his editing skills for all my future books.”

“Working with Randy has been awesome. He’s willing to roll around in the muck to find the important threads, and holds the light to keep you on the path.”

“Randy and Laura were phenomenal in their handling of my story. I gave them a pile of words that weren’t working and they steered it in the right direction to be a story I am now immensely proud of. They didn’t only fix the book, but they fixed me. I am now a much better author for using them on this first book in my series, and armed with their insights, I now feel confident in applying those skills to all future books in the series. Thank you guys!”

Are Randy and Laura good value for money? Let me share my experience.I am a first time author with no prior experience. I sent my first draft in to them. They looked at it. Did their work and sent it back. I finished a two-hour zoom call to go through their report and discuss what to do now. I was devastated (I think this is normal for first time writers) but in a good way.Finding a good editor seems more akin to finding a good doctor when you have a problem than anything else. I need to trust the doctor enough to follow his or her advice, otherwise, if nothing changes after the consultation, I might as well not have gone. The paramount quality here is competence. The doctor must be good at his or her job, able to nail the diagnosis and tell me what’s wrong and know what to do about it to make it better. If this technical proficiency is absent, there is no point.Randy and Laura have this in spades.To paraphrase a good friend, “Praise from an enemy and criticism from a friend is to be valued above all else.”Competence and quality. Not just to identify problems but how to fix them. Like how a doctor should fix medical issues. Clinically, systematically, directly. No molly-coddling or sugar-coating. Getting to the point quickly, efficiently, professionally. No waffling on about irrelevent stuff.Thankfully their bedside manner is wonderful too – that’s a bonus, but I would be more than happy with the competence alone.If you want real help in writing your book, contact Randy and Laura.

I learnt so much from working with Randall – his editorial insight transformed my rewrite.

Writing my second non-fiction book I was looking for editorial support at both the structural level and for individual stories. Randall’s insight guided the rewrite, showing me and my co-author what areas needed work and offering support and guidance on how to approach it. He was a joy to work with, robust feedback shared with humour and expertise. I recommend him highly.

“Simply put, Laura and Randy were terrific. Their suggestions during the plot development process were helpful, creative, detail oriented and well thought out. They seemed to be as invested in my story as I was and wanted to make it better. I’d highly recommend working with them.”

Randy exceeded my expectations. The level of detail and analysis he provided me was tremendously helpful. He digested my manuscript so thoroughly that he was able to give me unique observations and suggestions that will enable me to greatly improve the story. In addition, he provided me a host of references and resources to better understand the writing process and my genre. I can’t recommend him enough.  

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